Ryan's Case for Smiles Pillowcase Instructions

We want to thank everyone for all the pillowcase donations. 

The Arizona chapter has very specific guidelines for the pillowcase construction. Nancy has typed up the instructions. 

Please follow these instructions when donating pillowcases. 

******REMINDER... all pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles MUST have French Seams.... zigzagged seams or seams done on a Serger machine are not acceptable for this charity!. 

Ryan's Case for Smiles

Pillowcase Directions


Body: 26.5 inches by 42 inches

Cuff: 10.5 inches by 42 inches


  • Lay cuff fabric (10.5" x 42") right side up
  • Place body fabric (26.5" x 42") right side up on top of cuff fabric matching the top raw edges. Pin all layers.
  • Roll the body piece of fabric up from the bottom to the top, stopping short of the pinned area.
  • Fold the bottom raw edge of the cuff fabric to meet the top raw edges and re-pin all the raw edges together. The body fabric is now inside the tube. 
  • Sew 1/4 inch (1/4") seam.
  • Pull the fabric out of the tube.
  • Square the sides and bottom of the pillowcase.
  • Fold in half, wrong sides together, matching raw edges and sew 1/4 inch (1/4") seam along the side and bottom. Tim loose threads and press seam.
  • Turn pillowcase wrong sides out, placing right sides of fabric together and sew a 1/2 inch (1/2") seam along side and bottom. You have now created your French Seams! 
  • Turn pillowcase right sides out and press. 
  • Yippee... Your pillowcase is now complete!!

REMINDERS when using shop provided kit or fabrics from home.

  • Use only cuff and body fabric that are provided in the kit... DO NOT include trim. Because these pillowcases are washed often, this charity does not want the trim on the pillowcases.
  • Please create French Seam for all donated pillowcases. seams cannot be zig-zagged or serged. See the instructions above on how to make French Seam. You can pick up a copy of the pillowcase instructions from us if you need one.
  • Pillowcases do not have to be washed or pressed or put into individual bags when they are brought into the shop. Ryan's Case Phoenix Chapter has committees that prepare the pillowcases before they are delivered to the children in the hopsitals. 

Thank you for taking time time to make a pillowcase (or many), 

to bring a smile to a child!!