Binding Tips

Seam Allowance & Binding Strip Widths

1/4 inch seam allowance cut strips 2" - 2 1/4" 
3/8 inch seam allowance cut strips 2 1/2" 
1/2 inch seam allowance cut strips 3 1/4" - 3 1/2" 

Miter Corners

Accurately mark the seam allowance distance from the corner of your quilt.           
I recommend using the Miter Tool/Template we demonstrated duing 2023 Shop Hop. (Available for purchase in the store)
Example: if using a 1/4 inch seam allowance then stop 1/4 inch from the corner.
Sew off the corner at a 45 degree angle. 

Reduce Bulk in the Corner

Clip the fold of the binding seam allowance to the stitch line. Fold back the seam allowance and expose the triangle. (See Photo below) If you have sewn off the corner at a 45 degree angle, use your seam ripper and remove those few stitches to "release the triangle". Fold back both the seam allowance and the quilt sandwich. Snip off the triangle close to the seam. Be careful not to cut the binding or quilt sandwich.


Fold & Mitered Corner to back of quilt. Fold the binding that has the miter on the front first then fold the opposite side of binding to the back. This allows for a nice smooth corner and your miters should easily fold in and "nest".  This works whether you are sewing your binding on the front and folding to the back or sewing it on the back & folding to the front.   

Do Not cut the corner(s) of your quilt sandwich! That removes the support of your binding corner. 

These are just suggestions and some tips. You need to adjust and use what works well for you. 

I recommend printing out the tutorial by Krista Moser of the Quilted Life. I use the alternate method of finishing off my binding.  Link:

Photo from Binding Tutorial by Patrick Lose.