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Note: The information below is for reference ONLY.  (We sell very limited Batting items online)  

Cotton quilt batting is a traditional choice for the middle layer of a quilt sandwich. When you inspect older or vintage quilts with cotton batting, you might feel little nubs through the top and backing fabrics, remnants of the cotton plant that weren't removed from the batting. Today's cotton batts are manufactured using a multi-step process that eliminates the leftover bits and makes the cotton easier to quilt. You'll find a large selection of cotton quilt batting when you shop; variations include loft (height, or "puffiness") and in how closely quilting stitches must be sewn to keep the batting intact in the finished quilt.  

Cotton starts with the finest USA cotton and is carded, crosslapped and specially needlepunched. 100% natural and environmentally friendly, our batting proudly bears Cotton Incorporated’s seal.  Our special process prevents shifting and lumping.  It has a very high thermal value (R=3.8) warm in the winter, yet wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer.

Stitching up to 8" apart allows quilters wonderful freedom of design. Because there are no scrim, glues, or other binders to add resistance, needles (by machine and hand) glide smoothly through the fine, consistent, even cotton batting. The finished quilt may be machine washed and dried. Shrinkage is minimal. Drapes beautifully giving a traditional look and feel to your quilt. 

Like yesteryear’s treasured quilts of cotton, your quilts of today deserve the very best. Time tested 100% cotton, with its beauty and durability, has been the first choice for generations of quiltmakers.

Advantages of Cotton Quilt Batting

  • Cotton is a natural product that breathes, allowing excess heat to move away from the body as you sleep under it.
  • Cotton batting becomes softer with age and use.
  • Cotton batting does not beard (a problem you'll encounter with polyester batting).
  • Cotton batting shrinks a bit -- a nice quality if you would like your quilt to have a vintage appearance.
  • Cotton tends to stick to the quilt top and the backing, allowing you to baste less.
  • Cotton batting is a good choice for wallhangings, because cotton isn't as stretchy as batts made with polyester fibers -- the quilts will hang nicely, with no drooping.
  • Thin cotton batting rolls up compactly (a nice quality for machine quilting

Batting from Other Natural Fibers

  • Wool batting is more expensive than cotton, and is warmer to sleep under. 
  • Silk batting is another natural-fiber choice. It's very easy to hand quilt and drapes nicely. 

Variations in Cotton Quilt Batting

  • The minimum distance that lines of quilting stitches can be sewn from each other varies quite a bit, from 2-3" for some types of cotton batting to up to 8-10" for others (particularly bonded batting, which has a very thin stabilizing layer affixed to each side of the cotton).
  • Some types of cotton batting are bleached to make them whiter.
  • Some kinds of cotton batting are easier to hand quilt than others; buy samples if possible and make test sandwiches (if that isn't possible, read labels carefully and ask other quilters for recommendations). 

Available in four lofts: Quilters Dream Cotton Batting comes in Request, Select, Deluxe and Supreme Lofts in these sizes: 

  • Craft 46" x 36" 
  • Crib 46" x 60"
  • Throw 60" x 60" 
  • Twin 93" x 72" 
  • Double 96" x 93" 
  • Queen 108" x 93" 
  • Super Queen 93" x 121" 
  • King 122" x 122" 
  • Runner Roll 18" x 30 linear yards
  • Bolts 46" x 15 linear yards and 61" x 15 linear yards. Just like a bolt of fabric!
  • Baby Roll 46" x 30 linear yards
  • Queen Folded Roll 93" x 30 linear yards
  • King Folded Roll in the Request or Select weight: 122" x 30 linear yards